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bring your imagination to life

Ain Soph is the professional, creative alias of American freelance Digital Artist, Josh Thomas. Specialising in Digital Illustration and Creative Image Production, Josh’s works, both commercial and personal have been featured internationally. Including multiple features in the UK’s Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Exhibitions in Miami, New York, and Paris, as well as being listed as one of the World’s “50 Best Artists of Photoshop”. 

Based out of Baltimore, MD, Ain Soph focuses on high-end image creation in an effort to blur the lines between art and advertising, form and communication Design is a creative process leaving not only the artist satisfied, but the client stimulated and inspired. The result is powerful imagery and a strong brand. 

We aren't just a business, and we don't just exist to create images. Our end goal is inspiration. Everyone should walk away from a creative project feeling inspired to do something different. The term "Ain Soph" can be directly translated as "limitless", which we want to be a literal definition of what can be achieved here.