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Welcome! As often as possible, we'll be publishing everything from tutorials, to tips & tricks, workflows, news, musings, and new work!

Tutorials will include Photography and retouching, advanced Photoshop techniques, ZBrush tips for all levels of users, 3D modeling, digital painting, compositing, and much more. We'll be doing things a bit differently, in ensuring you understand why you're doing the things you're doing, instead of just telling you how to achieve certain effects. We'll walk you through the process of these techniques, and explain how it works, in effort to give you actual knowledge to move forward.  If there's something you'd like to see a breakdown of, feel free to ask!

Remember, the purpose of publishing these is to enable you to learn new techniques to further your own creativity, not just to copy what you see here. Take what you learn and apply it to what you're passionate about, not what we're passionate about. We're always looking for new inspiration, so if you find yourself using these techniques, definitely show us how!